Welcome letter

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the organisers of the first Croatian congress of oncology pharmacy with international participation, to be held in hotel Park Plaza Histria, Pula from April 8th to April 11th 2020, it is our honour and pleasure to invite you to take part. Croatian Pharmaceutical Society (Oncology Pharmacy Section) and Medical School of the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula are chief organisers.

Permanent education and development through everyday practise and work with oncology patients, as well as dedicated work on promoting all aspects of care for oncology patients, including pharmaceutical care, are a necessity imposed upon us by the intense development of oncology and oncology pharmacy.

The aim of this unique congress is to promote the highest standards of pharmaceutical care, which include treatment and supportive therapy of oncology patients. The objective of the programme its to provide health care professionals with knowledge of the latest achievements in the area of oncology pharmacy, improve the efficiency of health care in that particular field and improve the actual care for the oncology patients.

In parallel sessions, scientific symposia and workshops we shall present the progress in research, in treatment and practice in oncology pharmacy, in two well-defined directions: the clinical and the hands-on or practical one.

The First Croatian Congress will deal with the area of oncology pharmacy which will contribute to improving the care for oncology patients through cooperation with patients’ associations and by getting pharmacists directly involved in everyday work in pharmaceutical care. That also includes the gathering of colleagues and partners, exchange of knowledge and networking of health-care professionals.

The Congress is not intended only for pharmacists. The intention was to gather pharmacists and physicians, representatives of patients’ associations, pharmaceutical technicians, health-care policy-makers and the media. Lectures, panel discussions and exchanges can help get better organised and improve the general care for oncology patients.

The First Croatian Congress of Oncology Pharmacy is the result of 30 years of development of pharmacists in this field. It will clearly indicate the views on the importance of the multidisciplinary and multiprofessional approach to the care for oncology patients, thus ensuring the efficient use of material resources and significant improvement of the oncology patients’ safety.

The title of the Congress is: ‘Pharmaceutical Care for Oncology Patients at the time of digital development – new treatments, new responsibilities’. In accordance with that, the programme we prepared encompasses the implementation of modern digital and IT technologies and the development of pharmacists’ competencies and practice in this area, which is still insufficiently recognised in everyday practice.

Finally, I am very pleased that the Congress will be held in Pula, a culturally lively and a historical city. Thus, it will be a part of Pula’s this yer’s medical events. We firmly believe that Pula is perfect venue and will be a great host of the event. You are therefore invited to Pula to join us for the First Croatian Congress of Oncology Pharmacy.

With best regards,

prof. dr. sc. Vesna Pavlica, mag. pharm.
mr. sc. Darko Takač, mag. pharm., spec.
prof. dr. sc. Damir Vrbanec, dr. med.
dr. sc. Marko Skelin, mag. pharm. spec. kliničke farmacije


Croatian pharmaceutical society | Section for oncology pharmacy
University Jurja Dobrile, Pula


Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists
Farmacia community pharmacy chain
Croatian association of pharmacy technitians
Croatian society for medical oncology
Croatian Society of Dermatooncology
Pula General hospital
Association of cancer affected and treated women „Sve za nju“
Association “OncoPut”

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Oncology patient's pharmaceutical care in digital age: new ways of treatment, new responsibilities